Discover the advantages of a group tour

When traveling to a foreign country, it is often advisable to consider a group trip. Why is this an option you might ask? A group tour is usually a package that includes everything from hotels to attractions to restaurants. Signing up for such a tour has advantages and disadvantages. So you have to decide in […]

Business travel insurance: important?

Those in the business world can appreciate that hurdles can come from nowhere, especially if you have a tight deadline or can't afford to be more stressful outside of the job. Traveling can be smooth, but some curve balls can be thrown, which can lead to severe bumps and headaches. Travel insurance for business trips […]

Tailored travel adapters – the ideal freebies

Most professionals, business owners, office workers, etc. have embarked on their journey from one country to another to conduct business transactions, meetings, seminars, workshops, and other business functions. As they travel from country to country, their phones, laptops and other electronic devices are always there to stay in touch with business partners and stay up […]