Guidelines for air travel for your pet

Even pets, especially dogs and cats, can safely travel to different parts of a country. However, it is important to know that pets can not travel by plane on all flights. If you wish to take your pet with you for a flight, you must contact the airline before planning. There are certain guidelines that must be met.

So there are some rules on how often a pet is allowed to travel. These are set by the Animal and Plant Health Inspectorate. To ensure the safety of your pet, therefore, all rules must be complied with.

How to transport your pet

There are several ways to transport your pet by air.

1. As some airlines allow pets to be carried in the cabin, the pet must remain inside the vehicle throughout the journey. However, if you bring along another pet that accepts dogs and cats, you must contact the airline concerned. You must follow the FAA rules.

2. The second way is that some airlines allow carrying the pet in their luggage. However, it is important that the passenger travel with the pet that can not be transported alone.

3. Another possibility is that the pet can be carried as "live animals". This means that the pet can travel either via freight channels or through dedicated airline services. Some airlines offer the possibility to order a specialist for the processing of customer inquiries.

In this way you can transport your pet by air. But you must understand that the pets must be prepared before boarding the flight. The first thing you should think about is that your pet must be fit enough to take the stress of a long journey. Feed him also two hours before the start of the flight.

The important thing is that the pet bowl is properly and well ventilated. You can provide the right food and water supply systems for efficient travel. Nowadays, many pet areas have been set up, while connecting flights have been activated. Therefore, it has become quite easy to take your pet everywhere.

This was all about the pet travel tips for you. We hope you enjoy traveling with your pet. All the best and a great trip with your family and your pet.