Five things to see or do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a majestic country full of vibrant colors, a simple but admirable culture, budget-conscious activities and products (cheap products!) And total individual control to do what you want, when you want. When I retire, I hope that I choose to stay in a paradise that's half as perfect as this. There is so much to do in the Philippines that I have narrowed it down to the five best things to do or see in the Philippines. If I mention the prices, I'll roughly convert them to dollars so you can keep them simple. Remember I'm only doing math in my head and I'm totally crazy about math.

I am a 26 year old man and this article is for people in their 20s and 30s. There is a lot of history and modern activities in the Philippines. So these are the top things that I enjoy, or at least I think everyone should see at least once in their life.

1. Stay on the white sandy beach of Boracay on a vacation weekend.

2. See Angeles City and the Bar Girls.

3. Jet ski

4. Shoot Uzi’s

5. Visit the LA Cafe in Manila, Philippines

Staying in Boracay during Holy Week when everyone doesn't go to school and work is a great experience. Friday and Saturday evenings, the beach is particularly crowded with parties ready to experience Boracay's nightlife. The entire beach is lined with clubs and vendors selling liquor, fresh fish, jewelry, and clothing. The White House, Boracay, Philippines, is a nice, affordable place to stay in a central location right on White Sand Beach. Be careful when ordering fresh fish from the counter. Notice how all the fish sit on ice and ice is thrown on it. I know it looks delicious, but the fish was caught around 6 a.m. and you are about to eat it at 8 p.m. and there is no refrigeration so the fish has been sitting on ice all day. It's really not that fresh. Not to mention that all ice comes from nasty Philippine tap water – unfiltered. Trust me, stay as far from tap water as possible. I was sick of the water in the Philippines twice. Once I was so exhausted and dehydrated that I didn't even notice that I was just drinking a glass of water. You always want to order mineral water. The other time I was on the beach in Boracay: I only tried two oysters, but after my buddy had eaten a whole plate, the ice on top had completely melted into oysters. My buddy was in more pain than I was, but it was still terrible.

I missed Friday night in Boracay because of the glass of water I drank. I was better until Saturday night, thank goodness, because it is something everyone has to experience. There is another club every few meters where people dance all night. I recommend the shisha bars and clubs; it just depends on your taste in music.

Anyone who has traveled to different countries knows that there are red light districts around the world. Amsterdam has the most famous, but not necessarily the best, as I found out after visiting Angeles City in the Philippines. I have traveled more than anyone I know my age and have never seen anything like Fields Ave., Angeles City, Philippines. It was crazy! The whole street has nothing but bars filled to the brim with prostitutes, a gyro spot with fantastic gyros and a 7-Eleven. The best thing the Filipinos in the Philippines could organize is prostitution in Angeles City. The girls receive a full STD check once a week. We drove past the health clinic where they were checked and each bar had a different day of the week. Man, this place was full and understandable because there are so many bars, too many to visit, even after living there for over a year. There are literally hundreds of these bars. There is never a door fee or entrance fee to get to these places. A waitress will wait for you and then she will normally be right there with you. Whenever you need something, let them know. If you see a girl you like and you make eye contact with her, you can make an application to have her come to her and buy her a drink. The biggest and best place I saw was Atlantis. It was three stories high and there must have been at least 200 girls there, and each one was beautiful. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. If you buy a girl a drink there, you still won't cost more than in America. If you buy a drink now, it's around $ 1.50. If you buy a "lady drink" it is $ 3.00, but the girl gets half of that money and drinks the drink. She'll sit down and talk to you and rub you. It's cool to find someone with a good personality who can be sarcastic. It's fun to just talk to these girls and meet them. Some of them have crazy stories to tell. I quickly ask about personal issues like friends and family.

If you think you are connecting with a girl and you like her and you want to ask her if she wants to come back to your hotel with you, ask her a number of questions. Let her know you like her and ask if she wants a bar fine. She will either say yes or no. She may not want to go home with you, she may have just started her period, or she may be a "cherry girl", which means that she is a virgin. It is important to be respectful and recognize that all of these girls are not necessarily prostitutes. These places are like strip clubs, just keep their clothes on. They may give you round dances (much better than anything you get in the States and it's only a few dollars), or drink and chat with you. If she says "yes" when asked if she wants a "cash fine", go ahead and ask a few questions and let her know that you are happy that she wants a "cash fine" but you have first a few questions . Ask her if she's with her "masters". So they relate to their menstrual period. You don't want to take her back to the hotel and find out that you can't do what you want because she's bleeding. Ask her when she needs to go home in the morning. They don't want her to go that night (or maybe she does), but it's better if she doesn't go at 5 a.m. because she has a child or something. If she's fine, let your waitress know that you will fix her. It brings you your total bill. It costs between $ 20 and $ 25 to "fix" a girl. The girl will change and then go together. When you return to the hotel, you will both shower. Use a condom, though they are checked every week. Don't mess around with your life. It is up to you if you tip her. She will receive half of the "cash fine" the next day if she goes back to the bar. It's sad that these girls sell themselves and only earn about $ 10, but they might only make two or three dollars a day if they had a regular job at the mall, and they would work another job for 13 hours , What would you do? Would you work a lot harder for a lot less money? Many of these girls come from the province, which means that they come from poverty, unlike any poverty we have in America. They come from remote islands or small villages and try to send money home.

Jet skiing in Boracay is awesome! You feel like you're in a Jay Z music video. It is simply the most amazing landscape where you can go jet skiing. At some point you realize that you died and went to heaven. It is somewhere between realizing that you are on this small tropical island in the Philippines on the other side of the world and dancing with the most beautiful women and the clubs. They love to dance. In fact, the three things that people in the Philippines love are Obama, Hip Hop, and Basketball. Anyway, back to the jet ski. It was a little over a dollar a minute, but it was worth it. We signed up for 30 minutes, but I think they gave us 45 minutes. It was a good time. I was ready to stop when I did. I lapped people. It's okay to overtake others (or at least nobody shouted at me) as long as everyone goes the same way. You should never go in the opposite direction.

My friends met a guy named George the first hour after they arrived in Manila. This guy was a hustler and knew everyone in town. First he tried to sell my mate Viagra. By the way, there are a lot of people selling Viagra and Cialis on the streets of Manila. Then George asked my friends if they wanted to shoot Uzi & # 39; s. This caught my friends' attention. "Hell, yes, we want to shoot Uzi & # 39; s." So George took her around the corner to a shooting range. This was probably the most expensive thing anyone did on our trip. It costs $ 1 a bullet to shoot at Uzi & # 39; s. It was worth it because they now have a fantastic story to tell.

LA Cafe is a bar in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. Many girls hang out here. Some of them are working girls, but they didn't charge us because they were just happy to hang out with some cool boys. Be careful not to push yourself into this place. I was there with three of my friends from California. As soon as we came in, all the girls turned and looked at us. I'm 6 & # 39; 7 "and we are all white so we excelled everywhere. We went upstairs to the VIP area (only a few dollars to pay per person) and we got a table. We They all left in different places, because we always do it. I rarely come back to the hotel with my friends. I let myself be distracted too easily. I left after hanging about an hour and a half. Two of my friends were still at the bar When I left, I said goodbye to one person and gave him $ 30 for the drinks, and I assumed the other friend was in the bathroom. I was wrong. Our other friend decided to leave the other people, with whom you are always aware when you go or choose something else. My buddy was alone at the bar and there were all these girls who kept inviting their "cousin" to drink and they all drank W and ordered salads. Then the bill came and of course my buddy was expected to pay the whole thing. The girls there never pay for anything because they're broke. The bill was 5,200 pesos (more than $ 100 considering how much we drank). My friend had only 5000 pesos with him and eventually persuaded one of the girls to pay the other 200 pesos. He left the bar and brought three of the girls back to the hotel lobby, but then they started complaining about how one girl had to pay 200 pesos and they wanted my girlfriend to refund her. He explained that they had had a few drinks and eaten food, so they should pay something, and he still paid a lot more than his fair share. Keep in mind that this argument was over $ 4. Then he pointed to the front door and said, "Well, there is the door." These girls are all hustlers, so watch out. Otherwise, it was a fun place to rest and play billiards. We stayed in a nice hotel in Emita, Manila, just a few blocks from the LA Cafe, and it was $ 100 a night, but there was a living room with a pull-out sofa bed and a bedroom with a queen size bed and two bathrooms So I shared that with one person and it was $ 50 a night / person.

The Philippines is a great place to visit. I recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure. It's cheap, people are nice, and the natural beauty is second to none. It is important to be on the safe side with every trip to the Philippines or another Third World country. Visit to learn more about playing it safe and having fun in the Philippines. There's also a video from Palawan, another great travel destination in the Philippines.