Travel to Europe – France and Benelux

If you decide to travel to Europe or if you are planning to travel the continent as a European, you should first know exactly which part of it you want to explore or which cities you are planning in. This article introduces one of the most popular regions in Europe: France and the Benelux countries. This is the last region to include Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

One thing is certain when you visit this zone of Europe. You must be in love with city tourism. If you are interested in landscape, sights, high mountains, lakes and flowing crystal clear waterways, you are probably not right here. Of course there are many interesting natural places to visit in France, but I really think that you have better places to do this kind of tourism, like Austria or Switzerland, which are discussed in another of my articles.

The main attraction of this region is the cities themselves. France has by far some of the most beautiful cities to offer, many of them with interesting cathedrals, churches and squares. Starting from Paris, next to the world-famous Eiffel Tower, which so many tourists see from everywhere, you can walk along the Champs Elysees, which is considered one of the most romantic streets in the world. Visiting the Louvre Museum will give you a glimpse into the past, as it holds many treasures from around the world.

If you go to Belgium you will find that Brussels is also such an impressive city. It's not just about the monuments, but there is this kind of cosiness when you walk through the narrow streets. Just enjoy every corner and keep your fingers crossed to promote good weather as you often miss the blue of the sky. Luxembourg is a very small country that is right next to Belgium, but the capital claims to be an independent region. Far from being as big as Paris or Brussels, it offers many sights.

One thing you should know about this region, even if the train traffic can be very good, is that it gets incredibly boring at the same time. The landscape is pretty much always the same. If you're not one of those railroad lovers, I highly recommend taking one of these fast Ryanair flights to cover the long distances. In any case, the train is useful for the short journeys, or you have bought one of these train passes for the entire region.

The likeness that brings all these people together is their language. In any case, we can see very large differences between the residents. While the French nation has adopted a sort of more luxurious and fashionable lifestyle, its partners in Belgium are much more focused on the casual way of life. When it comes to characters, you will find the French more arrogant, while in my opinion the people in Belgium and Luxembourg are the nicest guys you can find anywhere in Europe.

Finally, whatever you do, take with you the reminder that you are visiting this region to admire architecture and beautifully designed cities with a lot of history. Forget a bit of nature as you can find it elsewhere in Europe and … practice your French!