Five things you need to know about Tirupati – your full travel guide

Tirupati is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and is a popular temple city that is considered the heavenly home of Lord Vishnu. As the most sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus, devotees visit lakhs to Tirupati every year. Ten kilometers northwest of Tirupati is the Venkateswara Swamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and is also admired by followers. If you plan to visit Tirupati, make sure you are familiar with these five things and book your taxi from Bangalore to Tirupati in advance.

  1. Tirumala Brahmotsavam – This is one of the most promising and significant festivals in Tirupati. It is believed that Lord Brahma worshiped Lord Balaji on the banks of the Pushkarini River to thank him for protecting humanity. Since then, Brahmotsavam has been celebrated in Tirumalai every October.
  2. Where should we eat? – In Tirupati you can only eat vegetarian as a place of pilgrimage. Most hotels and restaurants serve a variety of vegetarian dishes, including Idli, Vada, Dosa, Upma, Pongal, and regular meals. During your stay in Tirupati, try Rayalseema delights, including Aalasananda Vadalu, Akukura Pulagura, and Ragi Sangati. If you like to eat on banana leaves, Tirupati is the right place to tickle your taste buds and enjoy the delicious food.
  3. Where to shop – Famous for handicrafts, you can always buy wood carvings and calamari work. If you are an art lover, you can haggle with traditional Tanjore gold leaf paintings made in Madanpalli. There are also white wood toys, idols and unique handicrafts in Tirupati.
  4. Where to sleep – Tirupati is a popular travel destination and offers a variety of accommodations, from five-star hotels to affordable dormitories. Many people who travel to Bangalore plan a short trip to Tirupati and book taxis in Bangalore to visit the deity. If you are one of them, you can easily book a budgeted stay online and save on your booking. Others who prefer an elaborate stay can opt for independent bungalows.
  5. When to visit – Tirupati can be visited at any time of the year, but is the best time from September to March because the weather is pleasant. If you just want to visit the pilgrimage center, December is the ideal time of year because the temple is a little less crowded during this time. Otherwise it is preferable to visit October to March.

Your budget guide

Have you always wanted to travel, but were afraid to spend beyond your means? Well, here's good news: travel doesn't have to be expensive. Travel is not the exclusive responsibility of people who can afford to struggle through anything. Whether you are an ordinary office worker, a student, or a retiree, you have the right to enjoy the wonders of the world appropriate to your financial standing. Be your own travel guide!

Choosing to be your own travel guide will help you find resourceful solutions to the endless travel expenses. Traveling is even more fun when the bag is not heavy. Cheap travel is a practice that many people are not yet proficient in. Many travelers have been cheated by expensive travel guides and travel agencies without knowing that there are actually several ways to reduce the financial challenges.

Here are ways you can travel at minimal cost:

1. Find the cheapest hostel

Hostels are relatively cheaper than hotels. Though smaller and cramped, they offer the same amenities and sometimes the same basic travel convenience as many hotels. If you're looking for free WiFi, free breakfast, and free airport transfers, most hostels also offer this service. Others offer free laundry, employee-sponsored parties, and a common room where you can chat and get to know each other.

The only things you have to endure are space and, in certain hostels, hygiene. The trick is to do your research in advance. Read the reviews to find out what previous guests think. You have a clear idea of ​​which hostels to consider and which to avoid. Finally, keep an eye out for promos. Hostels sometimes offer discounts and other perks. A dormitory may be a lot cheaper, but if you want a cleaner and less upside-down situation (especially if you are female), choose a dormitory for women. These rooms are usually less crowded and more comfortable.

2. Go more

Traveling on a budget means preparing to forego taxis or private cars. However, what most comfort travelers don't understand is that they actually spend more on transportation costs than food, accommodation, or souvenirs. Some taxi drivers take advantage of tourists and drive them in circles, forcing them to pay more than is necessary. On the one hand, if you use your feet more often, you can not only test and improve your sense of orientation, but also see and experience interesting places that are inaccessible through regular transport. If you're not sure where to go, check out blogs, brochures, or local magazines. They can serve as a portable travel guide.

3. Accept a flexible itinerary

The worst thing you can do when traveling is to adhere to rules. It's important to have an itinerary to keep things in order, but it's much more important to enjoy your trip and have fun. Give a little space for unexpected adventures. Don't set your return date if you think you need more time to explore a place. Your itinerary may look great, but first-hand suggestions from locals and backpackers make traveling more exciting. Travel guides and magazines may have no idea about these suggested places, which are usually underestimated, less crowded, and far more beautiful than many tourist places made famous by the mileage of the media.

Spontaneity, experiencing culture, discovering new territory and meeting new people – these are just a few reasons why we have to travel. Stick to your budget and your money will be least considered.

General tips for trips to Laos in 2018

Laos is a country with a million elephants and includes mountains, jungles and the Mekong River, which dominates the landscape. As a devout Buddhist and largely undeveloped, Laos offers travelers the opportunity to experience rich traditions, natural beauty and a feeling for Asia as before.

Our trips to this fascinating country include the time in Luang Prabang – a perfectly preserved mix of rustic colonial architecture and gilded monasteries – and in the relaxed waterfront capital, Vientiane.

The internal destination os Laos is a place for everyone and offers travelers the opportunity to travel by boat and on the road from north to south through a wide variety of landscapes and cultures. In addition, many travelers have chosen to combine their Laos experience with time in Cambodia or Vietnam by traveling overland and on the daily scheduled flights.

Visa requirements and exit tax: Travelers (Europeans, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders) can easily get a 15-day tourist visa upon arrival in Laos provided they present USD 30 and a passport photo per person.

Travelers often visit Laos on classic trails, such as a few days in Vientiane, from where the historical and cultural aspect of the nation emerges when visiting some of the country's oldest pagodas. Adventurous people often stop in Vang Vieng to relax and stop off between Vientian and Luang Prabang.

Travelers can get their Laos visa upon arrival at Luang Prabang International Airport. Please note that Indochina Explorer, Bangkok to Hanoi and pictures of Indochina travelers require a Vietnam Visa before arriving in Indochina.

insurance: As a prerequisite for a trip through Laos, you must be fully insured. Insurance should include cover for personal accident, medical expenses, luggage loss and the cancellation or reduction of your vacation. You can confirm your insurance details as part of your trip to the embassy and / or your tour operator at the start of your trip. If you don't have adequate insurance, you can apply for one. Note that travel insurance may be linked to your credit card, although this insurance is usually only effective if your travel arrangements have been completed with the card. Credit card insurance coverage often does not include the payment of medical expenses. Please review your policies carefully. You must have sufficient insurance to be insured in the event that you have a medical problem while traveling.

money: The official currency of Laos is the kip. However, cash in US dollars is accepted almost everywhere. Thai baht is readily acceptable, albeit on less favorable terms. Since you accumulate KIP as a change in payments in USD, it is recommended that upon arrival in Laos you convert either nothing or very little (e.g. $ 30) to KIP. It is also recommended to carry a mix of USD cash and travelers checks. Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) can only be used in a limited number of shops and restaurants in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Travelers arriving from Thailand with Chiang Khong / Huay Xai can exchange money at fair prices in addition to the Huay Xai (Laos) visa mail. Since your time in Laos is limited, please bring enough money with you for the duration of your trip.

climate: Laos is affected by the annual Southeast Asian monsoon cycle. The rainy season lasts from May to October. During this time, the tropical lowland averages 30 degrees Celsius, while the mountains stay cooler. The first half of the dry season lasts from November to February. The temperatures during this time are between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius.

In the mornings and evenings in the north of Laos around Luang Prabang it can get quite cool at this time of year. Anyone traveling between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang on the Mekong should bring at least one layer of warm clothing. In the second half of the dry season – from March to June – the temperature can rise up to 35 degrees Celsius. Many travelers prefer Laos outside the dry season. There are fewer tourists and rainfall is often limited to short afternoon showers that give the country and cities a different atmosphere.

Luggage & clothing: Your luggage should be clearly marked and kept to a reasonable minimum. Baggage restrictions for airlines are strictly observed and space in vehicles is limited. Porters are not always available. Get ready to carry your own bags.

Comfortable casual clothing made of cotton is best suited for tropical and semi-tropical climates. It is advisable to pack a set of chic casual clothing. The laundry service is available across the country, although the laundry costs at the hotel can be very high.

Make sure you bring the following:

Flat walking shoes and sandals

Hat & sunglasses


money belt

Raincoat or umbrella

First-aid equipment

Insect repellent

alarm clock

Small flashlight

Swiss Army pocket knife

power adapter

Feminine hygiene products

Slide or any other special film (printing film is widespread in Laos)

Effective airline-style earplugs

A layer of warm clothing (for travel on the Mekong between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang from November to March)

Dog lovers who travel

There are endless adventures you can do with your family and dog. If you go, don't leave your "Man & # 39; s Best Friend" at home. Our pets are already important companions in our lives, so it is all the more fun to take memories from home with them.

Camping is one of the oldest leisure activities that people like to do in the summer months. You can go on an adventure with the family and the dog. If taking the dog away is not an option, you can examine a dog sitter. I know that leaving the doggy behind can be a stressful situation. There is nothing better than finding a reliable person to look after the dog. But if not, you can take him or her with you and consider a few options that I've listed to make your adventure a fun and safe trip for you and your dog.

Dogs love to travel – outdoor vacation is their favorite! Travel accessories for dogs ensure that your doggy is comfortable and safe on your next trip. From hiking to boat trips, the right travel gear will help your pet be ready for anything. Every time you travel with your dog you should have a car seat. There are many different types of sizes, so be sure to get one that will keep your pet safe.

An accessory would be a travel dog bowl. An anti-overflow bowl may be beneficial for everyone involved. It is a bowl from which neither water nor food can escape. There are a variety of bowls, I'm sure you'll find one that is suitable for your pet. Having water for your dog is a must.

When camping, keep your dog away from other campers. Not everyone is a dog lover. There are freehand straps that turn into a leash. This way your dog is safe even when you are not at home. You may want to consider a portable dog pen so that your dog has as much fun outdoors as you do.

Your dog's safety is a priority, especially for outdoor adventures. Another way to make sure your dog is safe is to consider a dog life jacket. Even if your dog loves water, your dog may need a similar jacket. There are different styles and sizes to choose from. There are also raincoats and warm jackets, all designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

You may want to take a GPS dog tracking device to prevent your pooch from getting lost. These devices are a great way to keep an eye on your dog while traveling from home. They allow you to locate your pet on demand, monitor their activity and record adventures on a smartphone. This device comes in handy when your dog is lost.

Check the weather before you set off so that not only are you prepared for rain or snow that could slow down your trip, but you also have a better idea of ​​what to bring for your dog. Make sure that you feel comfortable in unusual situations.

Having fun and making memories with your dogs is a great way to enjoy nature. Take pictures, share them on social media, whatever helps you remember those trips. Don't forget to take your furry friend along for your next road trip.

Find a great hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its great nightlife and offers some other great attractions. Whatever the reason for your visit to Barcelona, ​​you need a good hotel in Barcelona. The following information about these top Barcelona hotels comes from reviews of previous guests who stayed at a Barcelona hotel. You will find that every hotel in Barcelona offers great hotel accommodation in addition to its other attractions. The rated hotels are the Casa Camper Hotel, The Hotel Arts, the Neri Hotel and the Hesperia Sarria.

Casa Camper Hotel received some nice comments from guests. It has 25 rooms that are creatively decorated and match the impressive decor of the entire hotel. Extras like the minibar and room service are included in the basic cost, so you don't have to pay a big bill when checking out. It is a short walk to P. Catalvyna and close to the city. For those who like quiet nights, the Casa Camper Hotel is so far from nightlife that it offers a quiet sleeping environment. The Casa Camper Hotel in Barcelona received great reviews and was well worth a visit.

The Hotel Arts in Barcelona has 402 rooms and is located on the beach. Although not every hotel in Barcelona is known for its beaches, the location offers beautiful views. It's not very close to the city, so you'll have to travel to get to the sights. The nearby restaurants offer wonderful cuisine that makes the location desirable. They are said to have some of the best beds that a hotel in Barcelona can offer. The cost of The Hotel Arts discourages some guests and extras are not included in this base price. Overall it was a great hotel but not really worth the price.

The Neri Hotel in Barcelona is artistically designed and draws you into the 22-room house. With the use of stone and wood, the decor is beautiful. The rooms are cozy and offer you a choice of five different sheet metal types. It is recommended to get good directions to the hotel as it is difficult to find. There are no picturesque views, but the attention to detail in all aspects of this hotel makes up for that. Overall, this hotel is said to offer exceptional service and have created an amazing experience for visitors, which makes it a must.

Hesperia Sarria has 134 rooms and is located in a quiet area of ​​Barcelona. It is within walking distance of the train station (Les Tres Torres) and many other places of interest. A locked minibar and a safe are available in the modern and clean rooms. There's a restaurant on-site, though guests say you should never give it a try because of its proximity to so many other great bars and restaurants. This was considered a great buy by gestures.

These four hotels all received good and bad reviews. The above descriptions have been taken from the majority of opinions. While everyone made for a nice stay, some stayed in the crowd. There are many, many alternatives for a hotel in Barcelona and these are just a few examples of the great service you can get.

travel Tips

Destination tips serve as a guide for a luxury vacation. Always think about the reason why you want to travel. Remember that traveling is always a good idea. It helps you to see the world in a new and different perspective. They get an insight into what they have to offer to die for the kitchen and the various travel destinations.

When planning a trip, keep these travel tips in mind.

Be open minded. Try to learn more about the place you want to go to. With internet access it is very possible to get an overview of what you expect from this place.

Be creative and consider outsiders: try to choose places that are not very familiar with tourists, and be a little creative when visiting their tourist attractions.

Be determined: don't be surprised by group pressure. If your friends tell you they are visiting the Eiffel Tower and you want to visit the Maldives, choose your first choice. Never regret and do not miss what you could experience in a certain place.

Ask yourself why: remember to ask yourself the reason why you want to go there. Is it because you want to do a soul search? Are you trying to reconnect with an old flame? Whatever your destination, you must always be clear, as this will help you choose the perfect places for your trip.

Remember to remember: when you travel to a different place, don't forget to research its culture and traditions. Also keep your valuables handy. Don't let them out of your sight when traveling, so make sure you have all of your mandatory fields in your luggage.

Safe decisions are not bad decisions: if you want to travel but are concerned about your safety and the location of your chosen location. Don't worry and stop annoying yourself. If you feel like you are going to a different place, this is perfect for you. Then try to choose the place where your heart beats.

Go Solo: You may want to travel in groups, but sometimes you don't have to be afraid to go alone. Walking alone doesn't mean you're desperate or lonely. It will help you discover your skills to be independent. You can explore more places on your own without worrying about your companions.

Don't miss the back yard: different places have to be tried in different places. They could offer pretty souvenirs or trinkets, their delicacies and everything else in between. These little backyards help you learn more about the place you are.

Budget options: This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to enjoy different places and attractions on a tight budget. Try to choose places where you spend less but enjoy a lot more. There are currently many travel destinations that are not too expensive, but offer a variety of travel and tour packages.

These travel tips are just guidelines that you must follow to be able to travel stress-free.

Travel on a tight budget

From time to time we take the time to explore and experience the world. Despite the excitement and fulfillment that comes with traveling, there is no doubt that it is a difficult and expensive exercise. Adequate vacation travel may debit your accounts if it is not properly planned. When it comes to travel, there aren't many corners to cut. There are no bargains or budget options. For this reason, planning is the most important phase of travel and one that you need to focus on if you want to travel on a tight budget. With the right information about workable options, it is quite possible to travel on a budget.

Travel is not overrated

We all see beautiful pictures of places around the world and we want to explore them. As curious beings, we don't really want to get stuck in walls for the rest of our lives. Indeed, traveling is not only a great way to relax, it is also one of the most productive ways to spend free time. Exploring new places opens our minds in a way that nothing else can. We may also meet new people, meet friends, and reinvent our social life. So travel should not just be a remote wish, but an opportunity for everyone. A possibility that is even more authentic with realizable financing options.

What are the options?

First, we can try to save every last coin issued. This can often mean that we reduce our expenses for the essentials, look for bargains, do without meals … not ideal! Conversely, we can ignore spending and focus more on tapping additional revenue streams. This is definitely a big challenge. The most plausible way to get travel money when budget is tight is definitely a personal loan.

Borrowing definitely has several advantages for a budding traveler. You benefit not only from flexible payment terms, but also from low interest rates. Borrowing also increases your profile and makes it easier for you to refinance. Most people never really spend years planning trips. In fact, it is common to develop a plan in just a few months. Therefore arbitrariness is inevitable in travel scenarios. Borrowing is therefore the most profitable way to finance travel when your budget is tight.

Van rental tips for a great travel experience

Moving to a new location yourself can be a stressful experience. Packing is tedious enough and you don't want to have any additional fears about traveling. You don't want to have to worry if everything fits in your car or if your car breaks down. Save yourself hassle and rent a van from a quality company. Here are some tips for renting vans to ensure you have a great travel experience at a low cost.

Select a van

When choosing a van, think about what you need the van for. How far do you travel How much does whatever you travel with weigh? Are you planning to tow a trailer with the van? These are all concerns that you must raise with a van rental company before deciding on a vehicle. A quality company will help you choose the right van.


You want to make sure that the van you rent has a high safety rating. This means that you have to rent from a reliable company. Before starting your journey, make sure that all inspections are up to date. Check the van for damage before driving off. For example, check whether the tires are properly filled. If you have any concerns, contact the company immediately.


To ensure a great travel experience, you want to feel good. This means that you choose a van that you don't mind sitting in the traffic jam. If you are not satisfied with a van, you can ask the van rental company to choose a different model.

Service quality

One of the simplest but most important ways to make your travel experience stress free is to rent a van from a company that offers you the highest quality of service. Choose a company that answers your questions and gives you valuable tips. Check a company's breakdown policy and make sure you pick one that will replace any broken or damaged delivery van. Also read carefully to make sure the company has no hidden fees. They want to make sure that the amount they charge you is the one you really have to pay.


See how far you have to travel. Many services are billed based on distance. You should therefore know in advance how many kilometers you will cover. Ask about offers or discounts that a company offers for long-distance travel.


Many rental car companies offer vans with practical extras such as Bluetooth. If you wish, ask for it. Some companies even offer free or low-cost upgrade packages, depending on when you book. Check their website to find deals.

Traveling seems like a stressful adventure at first. With the right van and the right escort, however, you can have a wonderful and relaxing travel experience.

Extreme activities Important travel tips

Are you planning your honeymoon and want to do something really spectacular and different? Or would you like to travel with friends and spend the best time of your life? Or maybe you're traveling alone and want to try all the exciting activities that people talk about on their blogs? Whatever the case, extreme activities in your itinerary are sure to give you the thrill and excitement you need to enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips for extreme activities so you can enjoy your vacation to the full:

# 1: Make sure you are physically fit.

Before trying extreme sports or activities, make sure you are physically fit. If you are overweight, try exercising weeks before your planned trip so that your body can properly prepare. Remember, these are "extreme" things and you cannot jump off a cliff if you have palpitations, chest pain, or difficulty breathing. You also cannot climb a high mountain if you are overweight. Get your doctor's approval before you leave.

# 2: Find out about the planned activities.

Not all extreme activities are suitable for you. In fact, if you are unhealthy, you probably won't be able to do any of them. So make sure that you are informed about such activities. This way you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. You should also consider the risk factors and potential hazards that you may expect. Setting the right expectations also allows you to enjoy any extreme activity better – there shouldn't be any surprises as the activity itself is already able to give you the thrill and excitement you are looking for.

# 3: Bring everything you need to ensure your comfort and safety.

What you need to bring depends on the extreme activity you will be doing. One of the most important tips for extreme activities to think about is that you need to be fully prepared not only physically and mentally, but also about what you should bring with you. When camping in a remote mountain in Nepal, make sure you have everything you need, such as groceries, medication, water, and light. If you want to climb a cliff, make sure you have all the equipment and tools you need. Remember to go to the beach – you don't want to stay under the sun without sunscreen!

4. Take out travel insurance for extreme activities.

Don't forget to take out travel insurance for extreme activities. It differs from normal travel insurance because it covers the risks associated with extreme sports or activities, particularly injuries and medical treatment. Remember that your policy does not cover costs if you only have basic travel insurance and got into an unfortunate accident during your adventure. Take out travel insurance for extreme activities to ensure that you are fully insured in case something happens. Of course, we don't want anything unusual to happen, but extreme activities also involve risks.

Five things to see or do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a majestic country full of vibrant colors, a simple but admirable culture, budget-conscious activities and products (cheap products!) And total individual control to do what you want, when you want. When I retire, I hope that I choose to stay in a paradise that's half as perfect as this. There is so much to do in the Philippines that I have narrowed it down to the five best things to do or see in the Philippines. If I mention the prices, I'll roughly convert them to dollars so you can keep them simple. Remember I'm only doing math in my head and I'm totally crazy about math.

I am a 26 year old man and this article is for people in their 20s and 30s. There is a lot of history and modern activities in the Philippines. So these are the top things that I enjoy, or at least I think everyone should see at least once in their life.

1. Stay on the white sandy beach of Boracay on a vacation weekend.

2. See Angeles City and the Bar Girls.

3. Jet ski

4. Shoot Uzi’s

5. Visit the LA Cafe in Manila, Philippines

Staying in Boracay during Holy Week when everyone doesn't go to school and work is a great experience. Friday and Saturday evenings, the beach is particularly crowded with parties ready to experience Boracay's nightlife. The entire beach is lined with clubs and vendors selling liquor, fresh fish, jewelry, and clothing. The White House, Boracay, Philippines, is a nice, affordable place to stay in a central location right on White Sand Beach. Be careful when ordering fresh fish from the counter. Notice how all the fish sit on ice and ice is thrown on it. I know it looks delicious, but the fish was caught around 6 a.m. and you are about to eat it at 8 p.m. and there is no refrigeration so the fish has been sitting on ice all day. It's really not that fresh. Not to mention that all ice comes from nasty Philippine tap water – unfiltered. Trust me, stay as far from tap water as possible. I was sick of the water in the Philippines twice. Once I was so exhausted and dehydrated that I didn't even notice that I was just drinking a glass of water. You always want to order mineral water. The other time I was on the beach in Boracay: I only tried two oysters, but after my buddy had eaten a whole plate, the ice on top had completely melted into oysters. My buddy was in more pain than I was, but it was still terrible.

I missed Friday night in Boracay because of the glass of water I drank. I was better until Saturday night, thank goodness, because it is something everyone has to experience. There is another club every few meters where people dance all night. I recommend the shisha bars and clubs; it just depends on your taste in music.

Anyone who has traveled to different countries knows that there are red light districts around the world. Amsterdam has the most famous, but not necessarily the best, as I found out after visiting Angeles City in the Philippines. I have traveled more than anyone I know my age and have never seen anything like Fields Ave., Angeles City, Philippines. It was crazy! The whole street has nothing but bars filled to the brim with prostitutes, a gyro spot with fantastic gyros and a 7-Eleven. The best thing the Filipinos in the Philippines could organize is prostitution in Angeles City. The girls receive a full STD check once a week. We drove past the health clinic where they were checked and each bar had a different day of the week. Man, this place was full and understandable because there are so many bars, too many to visit, even after living there for over a year. There are literally hundreds of these bars. There is never a door fee or entrance fee to get to these places. A waitress will wait for you and then she will normally be right there with you. Whenever you need something, let them know. If you see a girl you like and you make eye contact with her, you can make an application to have her come to her and buy her a drink. The biggest and best place I saw was Atlantis. It was three stories high and there must have been at least 200 girls there, and each one was beautiful. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. If you buy a girl a drink there, you still won't cost more than in America. If you buy a drink now, it's around $ 1.50. If you buy a "lady drink" it is $ 3.00, but the girl gets half of that money and drinks the drink. She'll sit down and talk to you and rub you. It's cool to find someone with a good personality who can be sarcastic. It's fun to just talk to these girls and meet them. Some of them have crazy stories to tell. I quickly ask about personal issues like friends and family.

If you think you are connecting with a girl and you like her and you want to ask her if she wants to come back to your hotel with you, ask her a number of questions. Let her know you like her and ask if she wants a bar fine. She will either say yes or no. She may not want to go home with you, she may have just started her period, or she may be a "cherry girl", which means that she is a virgin. It is important to be respectful and recognize that all of these girls are not necessarily prostitutes. These places are like strip clubs, just keep their clothes on. They may give you round dances (much better than anything you get in the States and it's only a few dollars), or drink and chat with you. If she says "yes" when asked if she wants a "cash fine", go ahead and ask a few questions and let her know that you are happy that she wants a "cash fine" but you have first a few questions . Ask her if she's with her "masters". So they relate to their menstrual period. You don't want to take her back to the hotel and find out that you can't do what you want because she's bleeding. Ask her when she needs to go home in the morning. They don't want her to go that night (or maybe she does), but it's better if she doesn't go at 5 a.m. because she has a child or something. If she's fine, let your waitress know that you will fix her. It brings you your total bill. It costs between $ 20 and $ 25 to "fix" a girl. The girl will change and then go together. When you return to the hotel, you will both shower. Use a condom, though they are checked every week. Don't mess around with your life. It is up to you if you tip her. She will receive half of the "cash fine" the next day if she goes back to the bar. It's sad that these girls sell themselves and only earn about $ 10, but they might only make two or three dollars a day if they had a regular job at the mall, and they would work another job for 13 hours , What would you do? Would you work a lot harder for a lot less money? Many of these girls come from the province, which means that they come from poverty, unlike any poverty we have in America. They come from remote islands or small villages and try to send money home.

Jet skiing in Boracay is awesome! You feel like you're in a Jay Z music video. It is simply the most amazing landscape where you can go jet skiing. At some point you realize that you died and went to heaven. It is somewhere between realizing that you are on this small tropical island in the Philippines on the other side of the world and dancing with the most beautiful women and the clubs. They love to dance. In fact, the three things that people in the Philippines love are Obama, Hip Hop, and Basketball. Anyway, back to the jet ski. It was a little over a dollar a minute, but it was worth it. We signed up for 30 minutes, but I think they gave us 45 minutes. It was a good time. I was ready to stop when I did. I lapped people. It's okay to overtake others (or at least nobody shouted at me) as long as everyone goes the same way. You should never go in the opposite direction.

My friends met a guy named George the first hour after they arrived in Manila. This guy was a hustler and knew everyone in town. First he tried to sell my mate Viagra. By the way, there are a lot of people selling Viagra and Cialis on the streets of Manila. Then George asked my friends if they wanted to shoot Uzi & # 39; s. This caught my friends' attention. "Hell, yes, we want to shoot Uzi & # 39; s." So George took her around the corner to a shooting range. This was probably the most expensive thing anyone did on our trip. It costs $ 1 a bullet to shoot at Uzi & # 39; s. It was worth it because they now have a fantastic story to tell.

LA Cafe is a bar in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. Many girls hang out here. Some of them are working girls, but they didn't charge us because they were just happy to hang out with some cool boys. Be careful not to push yourself into this place. I was there with three of my friends from California. As soon as we came in, all the girls turned and looked at us. I'm 6 & # 39; 7 "and we are all white so we excelled everywhere. We went upstairs to the VIP area (only a few dollars to pay per person) and we got a table. We They all left in different places, because we always do it. I rarely come back to the hotel with my friends. I let myself be distracted too easily. I left after hanging about an hour and a half. Two of my friends were still at the bar When I left, I said goodbye to one person and gave him $ 30 for the drinks, and I assumed the other friend was in the bathroom. I was wrong. Our other friend decided to leave the other people, with whom you are always aware when you go or choose something else. My buddy was alone at the bar and there were all these girls who kept inviting their "cousin" to drink and they all drank W and ordered salads. Then the bill came and of course my buddy was expected to pay the whole thing. The girls there never pay for anything because they're broke. The bill was 5,200 pesos (more than $ 100 considering how much we drank). My friend had only 5000 pesos with him and eventually persuaded one of the girls to pay the other 200 pesos. He left the bar and brought three of the girls back to the hotel lobby, but then they started complaining about how one girl had to pay 200 pesos and they wanted my girlfriend to refund her. He explained that they had had a few drinks and eaten food, so they should pay something, and he still paid a lot more than his fair share. Keep in mind that this argument was over $ 4. Then he pointed to the front door and said, "Well, there is the door." These girls are all hustlers, so watch out. Otherwise, it was a fun place to rest and play billiards. We stayed in a nice hotel in Emita, Manila, just a few blocks from the LA Cafe, and it was $ 100 a night, but there was a living room with a pull-out sofa bed and a bedroom with a queen size bed and two bathrooms So I shared that with one person and it was $ 50 a night / person.

The Philippines is a great place to visit. I recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure. It's cheap, people are nice, and the natural beauty is second to none. It is important to be on the safe side with every trip to the Philippines or another Third World country. Visit to learn more about playing it safe and having fun in the Philippines. There's also a video from Palawan, another great travel destination in the Philippines.