5 reasons why you should pack your bags and travel – now or never!

Breaking the monotony of life is the best feeling there has ever been – you create better opportunities for yourself and have better sharing experiences, but most of all, you develop a better understanding of life.

If you still have questions about how to overcome the boredom of life, you need to travel, because that's exactly what your mind needs, and that's the only thing that can relax your body. So stop whatever you do and know the five reasons that would convince you to travel.

It changes your relationship with yourself – Travel makes you familiar with the deeper meaning of your life. It allows you to relate to yourself and to experience how you lead your life. You may even develop a deeper sense of commitment to save the benefits of our planet for generations to come – after all, you've seen it personally, and it's worth saving!

It changes the way you relate to others – We've all grown up to visualize diversity, but traveling gives you a better side of it. They will be able to address more people in a better way and might as well take an initiative to create a kind of balance in the world. The key to everything is ultimately to be able to relate to the things that you see around you.

They understand that life is not just about youshe You will witness a better version of yourself and you will also witness a better version of everything else around you. You will see that the world is so much bigger than your perception. You will soon discover that the world does not whirl around you. You'll find that you really are not everything the world needs – you're just a tiny minnow in a pothole.

It puts you in a position to master new challenges without fear – Sometimes you get into a difficult situation while traveling, and then you have to take courageous steps, make decisions and accept challenges. They encounter their true selves on their travels and at the end of the journey they are a better and improved individual who can recognize the meaning of life without fear of failure.

It extends your educational horizon – There is a lot to learn when you travel. But above all, there is a reason why you should not just miss traveling – it extends your educational horizons. They learn new things and get more valuable information about places, things and people – and create a complete travel journal.

And one last reason: Because you have a life and you'd rather live happily.

5 things you need to do before traveling internationally

Travel is my passion and I enjoy it very much. When I travel, I always feel like a dream and I would like to live like a dream. It is very exciting to travel in different countries. So when you travel to the new country, you have to take care of many things. That's why every time I travel, I take care of certain things that help me to travel carefree.

That's why I've put together a few tips and tricks for you to help you experience everything that happens to you when you walk away from home. Have a look at these important things to watch out for before you set off.

1. Check your passport and visa date

Traveling abroad is not easy. There are different visa rules in each country. In most countries, your passport must be valid for six months after the return date. You must therefore check the expiration date of your passport and the visa. If the date has expired, your entire trip would be ruined. If everything is fine, do not forget to make a copy of your passport and visa to keep it safe.

2. Money is very important

Money is the most important thing every traveler has to consider before traveling abroad or to the same country. If you want to travel to another country, make sure that you have the complete knowledge of your home country and the currency conversion of the other country. You also need to tell your bank that your credit card is working in the country you are in and tell a bank that you are traveling to another country so they can not block your cards. Another thing is that you always carry local cash, as not everyone accepts credit cards.

3. Expand the packing

Whenever I make a trip, I wear some extra clothes. It helps to prepare for the situation of lost luggage, or if the journey extends over several days. In addition, you also get the best anti-theft rucksacks, with which you can safely store your money, your expensive smartphone or camera, your passport, your visa and more. If everything is alright, remember how much luggage the airline will allow for you. Traveling outside the country is fun, but eating junk food can be harmful to your health. So it would be a good idea to bring some snacks from your home country.

4. Go with good equipment

If you are planning a longer trip, you should also take care of all your electronic devices. Well, the smartphone is one of the most important devices you can use when traveling abroad with friends and family. So do not forget to carry the power bank and the charging cable with you, so you can not face a low-battery situation. Do not forget to contact your network operator for international call charges and compatibility. In addition, you should pay attention to other devices such as camera, headphones, dryers and more while traveling.

5. Plan your first and last day

Another important thing that every traveler needs to do is to make a perfect plan for the first and last day of the journey, as these two days are only of great importance to you. First, you could enter the new place where everyone is alien. So make a plan to get safely to the hotel where you are staying. Do not forget to create a schedule for a whole trip and of course for a last day. At the end of the trip you should keep all your documents, equipment, cash, cards, IDs and keys safe when you leave the country.


Well, all these are the most important things I take care of when planning a vacation with my family and friends. I'll bet you will not get into trouble if you have taken the tips outlined above while traveling abroad. So always be a prepared and happy journey!

7 good reasons why you have to travel far

Get a world atlas or just browse online. Look at the map of your state or province and see how small your region is compared to the state as a whole. Now go to a map of your country, and while your territory may disappear, your "big" state or big province will become a small part of the country. Continue with a map of your continent. This time you may not find your state or province and your "big" country will become a small part of your continent. At the end, do you turn to the world map and what do you notice? Your country may not disappear, but your "big" continent is becoming a "fraction" of the world.

This exercise shows that as you travel far and wide, you are increasingly enlarging your world view.

The headlines of the past century, and in particular the explosion of the Internet over the last few decades, have made you aware of the diversity of the world. No matter how well informed your couches or armchairs are about the world, there's nothing better than visiting these places for first-hand experiences.

In the following sections we will see some reasons why you need to travel a lot.

1. You not only get to know great places, they also experience them

The media (newspaper, radio, television, internet), people and books show and tell of great places. But only by traveling can you truly "feel" the great places of the world like the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Rajastan. Venice (Italy) with its gondolieri and crafts on the many waterways; The Pyramid of the Sun at San Juan Teotihuacan, not far from Mexico City (Mexico); Downtown Casablanca (Morocco), main port, in the foreground the Place Lyautey; Mt. Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain, and the Southern Alps above Lake Matheson on the South Island; the American Falls at Niagara Falls, New York; and a typical mosque in Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago).

2. You get to know many different people and how they really are

Travel is a great way to expand your circle of friends and improve your understanding of others.

My many travels have enabled me to find many intimate friends in many countries around the world. The close relationships that we had would otherwise not have been possible.

When I lived in Africa, I barely got in touch with (and never thought of) whites because we lived in different communities that were inherited from colonialism. But when I went to Germany, for example, I found many friends with whom I shared many beloved moments. This made my perception of white people as distant or racist crumbling.

Some time ago, I watched a TV documentary by a French television crew traveling to Mali, Africa, to film an illiterate who completely disassembles, repairs and reassembles the engine of an old car. When the roaring car disappeared in the distance, they came to the conclusion that the African also has technological and technical achievements.

Many such cases exist to break down barriers built by false perceptions and to make people appreciate each other.

3. You get to know more cultures and customs and can identify better with different people

I once visited a friend in a rural zone in northern Ghana, a neighboring country. For reasons of custom, he had to take me to all the members of his extended family. I was surprised that we were well served from the beginning. Larger, however, was my surprise to be equally welcome at the other two places. We returned with him to my friend's house, disappointed in me and myself, too full and very angry with him for not even giving me a clue as to what to expect.

In fact, my friend's obligation is to serve food and honor to a visitor if the visitor eats well. So I honored the first house and less the second. However, my inability to eat in the third was perceived as unpleasant because I did not appreciate their food, and my decision to stop visiting my friend with family members was a shame.

This custom exists in my area to some extent. Each visitor must be offered water to drink before being asked about the reason for his visit. However, you are not required to drink some or all of the water if you do not feel like it. Just take a sip or touch the container (cup, calabash, etc.) and your behavior will not be interpreted as snobbery. But to say no means to "insult" the host.

4. You are broadening your horizon

An American friend visited me in Togo and I took him to the region of Plateaux, the famous tourist center of my country. This is also the agricultural zone of Togo. We visited a farm where you can buy fruits harvested shortly before harvest.

"Is that a real pineapple?" my friend asked, strangely staring at the fruit the farmer had cut from the plant and given to him.

"Why?" I asked surprised.

"It was not harvested from a big tree," he said lamely.

I laughed out loud.

"Because of its size and weight, I thought pineapple grows on trees," my friend explained.

The curious farmer laughed too as I explained our conversation to him. He offered to show my friend pineapple plants at various stages of development.

That's exactly how you love mutton, but I think you'll appreciate it more if you visit a flock of sheep in Australia, for example. The same applies to cotton clothing when you visit the cotton farms of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Coffee, when farmers in Colombia see coffee drying under the tropical sun; Chocolate, when farmers on a cocoa plantation in Côte d Ivoire (West Africa) remove the nuts from the pods (the first phase of chocolate processing); Canned pineapple if you see pineapple en route to the cannery in Puerto Rico and so on.

5. You are experiencing a different environment

Germany was the first European country I visited. In the winter I had the burning desire to see and, above all, experience snow. On a dark winter night, an excited friend called to tell me that snow is falling. I jumped out of bed, hurrying outside, and outstretched arms, trying to catch the flakes falling from the sky. A passing German couple, walking with his dog, smiled at me amused.

While I hate the Harmattan, the dry, hot wind that blows from the Sahara to the coast of West Africa, brings a lot of dust and makes the mornings and evenings cool and the day scorching, a French expatriate friend found it exotic because of the fog it comes in the morning and the color in the evening.

6. You live "big" world history

You may wonder if you hear from (a person or on the radio) or (in the newspaper, on television or on the Internet) the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal of India, the ancient buildings (castles, cathedrals, castles) Europe's museums, the castles of West Africa (slave history), the plantations of America (slave history), monasteries and the large standing tree sculptures of the American Indians, but a visit to the places where they are found, is a very different experience.

7. You get a hospitable climate

Wealthy people in tropical climates often go overseas when the hot climate gets hot, and it is no secret that people in temperate climates also rush to places where they can enjoy the sun and the warm sea.

There are many other reasons why people should travel far. But I think these 7 are enough to pack your luggage if you have never traveled or to pick up your luggage soon if you already have one.

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